Wednesday, May 18

I closed my eyes. The lights were off, and my body was relaxed. Now and then a car rushed by on the highway outside my window. I heard them approaching, getting louder, and finally fading away. When each had passed, a silence was left behind. Not even my breath pierced it. As each came and went, I began to notice something curious. I could hear them move, and I was aware of how long it took them to pass by. It was the stillness between cars that didn't make sense. More cars passed by, and slowly, I began to see what it was.

Right then, another car sped by. When the sound faded away, everything just stopped. Nothing moved, and then time stood still. Perfectly still. There had been no past, and there was no future, and I could have lived right then, Forever. Until the moment another car passed by, and I was aware of how long it took to pass by.

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